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    The Fell Winter - Character Sign-up!


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    The Fell Winter - Character Sign-up! Empty The Fell Winter - Character Sign-up!

    Post by MalaraLValm on Tue Jun 22, 2010 4:09 pm

    It's December, and it's cold, dark, and freezing all over Middle-Earth, more specifically, The Shire. Half of Mirkwood Forest is completely covered in snow, and the ice only stopped at the river Gwathó in the Eriador kingdom. Sauron is unable to launch an attack against the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth, for the War of Dwarves and Orcs, an entire century before, has eliminated over half his Orc forces, and the Haradrim had also been badly beaten. The Hobbits are starving, and the Rangers of the North are on their way to bring them food, just so they can survive.

    A young woman, named Arhiril, daughter of Arassuil, Chieftain of the Dúnedain, and younger sister of Arathorn I, Arassuil's heir. Having had enough of the farm life to grow food for people she's never met, Arhiril sets out from Rivendell with a bag of food for the Hobbits in one hand, and her bow and arrow in the other, bound for The Shire.

    Character sheet example:

    Name: (John Doe)
    Age: (32)
    Species: (Options: Men (Dúnedain, etc), Elf (Eldar, etc), Hobbit (Fallohide, etc), Dwarf (Longbeard, etc))
    Class: (Options: Craftsman, Loremaster, Magician, Mariner, Minstrel, Noble, Ranger, Rogue, Warrior)
    Description: (Long grey beard, blue eyes, white robes, bright blue scarf, etc, etc)
    Biography: (John comes from, John experienced, etc)
    First weapon: (sword, bow, etc)
    Second weapon: (none, shield, etc)


    Arhiril Tadhel - MalaraLValm

    Character sheets:

    Name: Arhiril Tadhel
    Age: 55
    Species: Men, Dúnedain
    Class: Ranger
    Description: Lean, dark and tall, grey eyes, shaggy dark hair, angular face, pale skin. She wears grey and green clothing, and a grey and green cloak. A quiver slung across her back, and hidden knives in her sleeves, boots, and on her waist.
    Biography: Mostly by Lord Elrond's good graces and not of any specific tradition, Arhiril was raised by the Elves in Rivendell, since her father was out in the wilderness and unable to care for her. She was a very confused girl, as she was raised by Elrond to be a Ranger, and raised by Arwen to be a Lady. Subsequently, she is capable of taking on six men on the battlefield or in the ballroom. But this confusion still resonates within her, as she does not know for sure what she is. At the beginning of The Fell Winter, she still has not come to terms with this inner struggle, and is still trying to define who and what she is.
    First weapon: Bow
    Second weapon: Knife

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