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    Dice rolling functionality added



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    Dice rolling functionality added

    Post by DoWhileGeek on Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:10 am

    Today I finally set up the dice rolling function of our forum to test its effectiveness. I've been debating for a while whether I should add it or not and as of late I think a little testing wont hurt. I can forsee it being used for dnd and other dice games, pvpRP combat (dice, the ultimate in unbiased decisions!). so heres how the function works...

    How it works!

    To roll the dice, a member must post a message (not a quick-reply). Right below the "Send" button, there is the list of all available dices (see screenshot above). You must choose which one to roll, and choose how many times you want to roll it (default is "1"). In addition of your own post, the game-master will automatically post a message with the results of your dices roll.

    Exclamation Notice: You can't roll a dice while creating a new subject or editing a message. The dices options won't appear in this cases.

    How it will work for us

    If we do agree this could be useful for various games I will create a new account on this forum for the sole purpose of dice rolls. I will control this account, if any game requires a roll they ask me. The reason I've held back in activating this function is because the dice rolls can be faked and edited. Having only one account run by one person is the safest way to eliminate cheating. When I make a roll everyone will know if someone edits the rolls by the "last edited" section of a post.

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