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    Powers List Empty Powers List

    Post by MalaraLValm on Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:29 pm

    This is the official list. You don't have to use these powers, but this is just a good help if you can't think of anything. I'll use this to keep track of the powers so that we don't get like, 7 telekinetics or something.

    Powers .

    -Enhanced agility
    -Enhanced dexterity
    -Enhanced hearing x1
    -Enhanced reflexes
    -Enhanced smelling x1
    -Enhanced speed
    -Enhanced thought process
    -Enhanced touch x1
    -Enhanced vision x1

    -Acid generation
    -Earth manipulation
    -Electricity generation or manipulation
    -Fire generation or manipulation
    -Gravity manipulation
    -Ice generation or manipulation
    -Light generation
    -Paper manipulation
    -Plastic manipulation
    -Sound manipulation
    -Water generation and manipulation
    -Weather manipulation
    -Wind generation or manipulation

    Life and Death
    -Heal others
    -Restore life to the dead
    -Reanimate the dead
    -Disease generation or manipulation
    -See and alter the length of another's life
    -Absorb life energy of others

    -Shapeshift into animals or other people
    -Shapeshift into certain substance
    -Teleportation [Traditional]
    -Teleportation via element
    -Flight [Unaided]
    -Flight via element or mutation
    -Adapt to any environment
    -Superhuman speed
    -Superhuman metabolism
    -Superhuman strength
    -Sweat gold

    -Psychic x1
    -Telepathy x1
    -Force thoughts or memories onto others x1
    -Force feelings onto others
    -Control senses of others
    -Illusionist x1
    -Dream control
    -Memory removal
    -Photographic memory
    -Mental attack
    -Communicate with the dead
    -Force the truth via eye contact
    -Force others to sing and dance
    -Mentally locate others or self
    -Alter probability fields [Good or bad luck]
    -See and manipulate relationship links
    -Cause sense of fear in others via touch
    -Sense mutants and their abilities

    -Know how to use any weapon instantly
    -Able to fix anything
    -Master technology after one use x1
    -Master dance moves immediately
    -Photographic memory

    -Power absorbtion [Permanent or temporary]
    -Put others to sleep via vocal means
    -Disorientate others via vocal means
    -Destruction via vocal means
    -Energy generation
    -Make energy into tangible or solid matter
    -Reverse the effects of time
    -Heat detection
    -Exchange insides of solid objects
    -Portal generation
    -Generation of spectral wolves x1
    -Insect control

    Immunities and Weaknesses
    -Immunity to cold
    -Resistance to cold
    -Resistance to friction
    -Immunity to heat
    -Resistance to heat
    -Immunity to harmful light
    -Resistance to pain
    -Immunity to psychic probes or attacks
    -Resistance to phsyical damage
    -Immunity to harmful sound
    -Weakness to cold
    -Weakness to electricity
    -Weakness to water
    -Weakness to sensory overload

    -Eye Color [Silver, Voilet]
    -Skin Color [Silver]
    -Hair Color [Silver, Pink]
    -Bone Color [Blue]
    -Cat ears
    -Bird Wings
    -Lizard-like appearance
    -Transform body entirely into substance [Ice, Gold, Water, Misc]

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