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    A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

    In the beginning the force existed and there was nothing else. The force then created planets and stars and all kinds of things. The force then created people to inhabit a planet, known as Zetalon. This would be the home planet of a species known as the Original Species or Interchangers. The Interchangers had a great connection to the force and they lived in peace and harmony. The first person to die was called Zephral, he was known as a master blacksmith, unfortunately he wasn't being too careful and he fell on one of his tools. This was the first time the Interchangers had seen death, it would not be the last time however. They would have other funerals, but none quite as bad as the event known as the Curse of Kedefrodai, but we will discuss that later. The Interchangers were a people who could live forever, the very rare exceptions became one with the force and could be seen as a force ghost. They aged until they turn 100 years old, when they reach this age their bodies stop aging. Their bodies might stop aging, but other things that we consider to be normal still happens to them, their hair and nails still grow like ours do. The Interchangers were very good learners, but on rare occasions they would have a student who would become a master of intelligence as they say. They became technologically advanced in a very short time, but for a long time they chose not to leave their home planet. Many years later and after much debate they finally decided to colonize on other worlds, if they existed. The colonization was a success, the Interchangers who left lived on these new planets and began to have children. They did not realize how great their adaptation was, the parents adapted to the environment but their bodies overall stayed intact, their children would be much different. Their children's bodies would look normal at first, but as they began to age their bodies formed into what the Interchangers thought of as hideous and grotesque. They abandoned their children and left for their home world, leaving their new lives behind to go back to their old ones. What they did not understand was that they would have to pay the price many years later. This was during the time of Kedefrai, he was a second generation Interchanger, his father, Kedefrokal, was one of the first people created by the force. Kedefrokal was not happy with the parent's decision to leave their children behind, he felt that all life was important, an trait that would be passed down to his grandson, Kedefrodai. The Interchangers would live in peace for many years later, until Kedefrodai turned 100 years old, when the descendants of the children left behind returned.

    The descendants came in force, and destroyed some of the land outside the main city, named Zetalon City. This act led to war between the Interchangers the many species that were left behind, it would be called the Species War. Kedefrodai would learn to use the force and make the Jedi Order, this would lead to the Interchanger's government to ask this new Order for help. The Jedi Order was hesitant at first, but eventually helped in the war effort. The war turned in the Interchanger's favor for many years. This changed when Kedefrodai turned to the dark side, he wiped out most of the Jedi Order and almost gave the victory to the enemy. Kedefrodai's intention was to "help" the enemy by making them believe that he is on their side, then at the last minute he would betray them and take control of his own species. This was foiled when Kedefrodai was killed by fellow Jedi master Alaiyah. The Interchangers lost their advantage for a while, but after many years they would gain the advantage again and win the war. The Interchangers would be at peace and at war with the other species for thousands of years.

    The Interchangers have bodily characteristics that are more advanced due to the fact that they are the first species created and they are very close to the force, whether they call upon it's power or not. They are physically tougher and stronger than the normal human, their bodies have fewer organs and bones, so this leaves more room for muscle. Their bodies have the best immune system due to their cell regeneration, it keeps them from getting poisoned or infected with anything. Because of their cell regeneration cuts and tears heal pretty fast, but the more the damage the harder it is to heal. Their brains have more processing power and they remember more, but on the rare occasion someone will be born that has eidetic memory and a great intelligence. Their connection to the force is unlike any other, to the normal force user it appears that they are totally opened to the force, it resonates to the point of almost being overwhelming. Their reflexes are sharp and their senses are unrivaled, when one of their senses is temporarily blocked their other senses balances out to make up for the lack.

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