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    Two girls, Terra and Vera, set out from their home in Los Angeles to head to Westchester, New York. After seeing an advertisement for it, the two of them are bound for Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. They could have never predicted what kind of people, places, and things they're going to run into! From California to New York, the two girls are going to have to learn to put up with their powers, anti-mutantists, and more importantly, each other!

    Character join sheet:

    *Name: (first and last)
    *Age: (10-60, please)
    *Gender: (he or she, no it's, please)
    *Physical description:
    Power(s): (optional, you can enter as a human, also, please add the major weaknesses for your character's powers)
    Codename: (optional)
    *Affiliation: (Brotherhood, X-Men, Lone Mutant, Friends of Humanity)
    *Personality: (a full paragraph would be best)
    Portrayed by: (a celebrity you would like to represent your character. I'll keep a list of all the people being used - including actors from the movies - so that no two people end up with the same person)
    *History: (please be as descriptive as possible! Also: if your character is in an affiliation, please write how your character joined)
    Other comments: (anything else you would like to add)

    My character:

    Name: Terra Birmingham
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Physical description: Standing at approximately 5'7", Terra has blond hair with black underneath, that's straight until it hits her shoulders where it curls. She has blue eyes, a very pale complexion, and wears a unique style of punk-meets-goth. Her toenails and her fingernails are almost always painted black, but since it usually takes her a while to get back around to them, they're almost always chipped and the nails themselves broken.
    A powerful telepath, Terra's main ability is to convince other's of her ideals and her path. Already a natural-born leader, this ability makes gathering followers easy, as people are quickly convinced to be converted to her beliefs. She can also communicate with others through their minds, oftentimes sharing thoughts or even images with the other person(s). Terra's mind, though, is very open, almost to the point of being impressionable; if a powerful enough telepath touches her mind while she's listening in on the thoughts of other, they can hear all of her thoughts as well as those she's listening to.

    Terra can peer into the future at will, often looking for a specific person or event to make certain she will not get into any trouble.
    Codename: (TBA)
    Affiliation: Lone Mutant
    Personality:Terra is, in every since of the word, malicious. It has been said that Terra is Nancy Spungen's reincarnation. Temperamental, erratic, violent, abusive, Terra is as mean as they come. It makes it hard for her to make - or keep - friends, but she has a much softer side that hides underneath her mean exterior. She can be very friendly, even nice, but she's very guarded, and isn't nice to you unless she knows you're going to be sticking around for a while. She very rarely is moved to tears, the only thing that is able to do so is child abuse, as she was abused when she was little. Her being able to relate to such things and remembering her past will bring her to tears.
    Portrayed by: Avril Lavigne
    Terra was born in 1994 to a very complicated family. She was conceived by a married Englishman (His Lordship Temporal, Hayden Patrick Richard Chester Birmingham, Duke of Gloucester) and his American mistress (Jane Whitlock). When her mother arrived at his doorstep 3 months pregnant, he had no recollection of her whatsoever, and decided, if only to placate his enraged wife and his frustrated guest, to allow her to stay with him until the baby was born. When the baby girl was born, the American named the girl after her father, Terra Hayden Patrick Richard Chester Birmingham. A test was done, and it was discovered that the baby was indeed Mr. Birmingham's. The man and his wife had already found out that she was unable to give birth, and since the two women looked awfully alike, the couple adopted the baby as their own. Terra's mother would never find out what a position she had placed her daughter in, for the flight she was sent home on met horrid turbulence, and crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. There were no survivors.
    As a little girl, Terra was an attendee of all the important balls and dances held by the members of House of Lords and the Queen herself. She was smart, and very quick, which made her very popular among the Lord Temporals, making her father's fame and good reputation rise. Everyone said that she, above all, deserved her father's rank, which would be hers if she could out-live him. She was often asked of her stance on the "mutant problem" that was arising, and her common response was, "What problem? If they can do the wondrous things that people say they can do, then who are we mere mortals to stop them? What? Shall we be as the Greeks, and attempt to stop the gods? No. The gods control us, not the other way around, no matter how ingenious or intuitive we think we are." No one realized it at the time, but these were not her own ideas. An old family friend, one Eric Lensherr, was the one poisoning her thoughts with his pro-mutant ideals.
    She was a quiet girl, never speaking unless spoken to. She also had a curious obsession with fire that would often result in her getting severe burns on her hands and forearms. Terra, though, was also a rather prudent, if not, stingy spender. She had a secret drawer in her small desk in her room that could only be accessed by putting a code into a small lock, and only she knew about it or what the code was. In that drawer was almost 2,000 euros that she saved up.
    When Terra turned 9, she came into puberty, and with such, discovered her powers. She had her first vision the same night she hit her first period. Her parents never found out about her seeing ability, but they did discover her telepathy when she responded to her father's thoughts and not his words the next night at dinner. That was also when she discovered that the woman she had called "Mom" her entire life was not, in fact, her mother. Her parents kicked her out that night, and told her to never return.
    Thankfully, her parents allowed her to take what money she had been saving up her entire life (for a trip to New York City), and what clothes she could fit into a single backpack to take with her. She had saved up a little over 2,000 euro's in her short lifetime, and realizing that a trip to Los Angeles would be much less than a trip to New York, she made the hard decision and went to L.A.
    Upon arrival at LAX, she immediately got the almost 1,000 euros changed into US dollars. She took a taxi to the heart of L.A., and there, ran into a group of punks and emo's standing on a street corner. The punks (one of them who would become her closest friend, Vera), it seemed, had just sold a whole ton of weed to the emo's, who were now standing right there in front of them, smoking it. The punks spotted Terra, and seeing her expensive nightgown slightly tattered with some wear with her completely covered in dirt, began to make fun of her. She did something though, that they had never seen before. She mocked them back, wit for wit, and made them look like bigger idiots than they had ever imagined. They welcomed her with open arms into their group.
    When she told the group that the reason why she - an English noblewoman - had arrived in L.A. in nothing but a nightgown was that her family had kicked her out because she was a mutant, they told her that as long as she was willing to take on their lifestyle and their ideologies, she could stay with them. If it meant food, shelter, clothes, and a place where she was accepted as a mutant, Terra was more than willing to give up all of her old beliefs in society, government, and the status quo. In turn, she taught them of what Mr. Lensherr had taught her in all those balls they had been at of mutant superiority.
    She spent seven years with them, learning their ways better than they ever did, and continuing to be a driving force for the group to take a stance against anti-mutant laws. She used her telepathy to plant the seeds and water them regularly, so that she quickly rose through the ranks of the punks, until she became the single most influential person in the entire group. Her beliefs in mutant superiority and the straight edge lifestyle spread like wildfire, infecting them all within the first year of her being there. Eventually, it came to a head when another group of punks who were associated with the anti-mutant group, Friends of Humanity, ransacked their HQ while they were gone. She used the passion ignited by this event, coupled with her already substantial influence and her telepathy to convince the group to go on the offensive. They followed her each and every order without question. A war in Los Angeles had begun.

    It took 6 months for that other group to be taken down, and broken forever.

    With the news of their victory spreading rapidly, their numbers increased. Hundreds of mutants around L.A. wanted to join, and they all wanted to follow in Terra's footsteps. Unfortunately, her best friend, Vera, had great issues with controlling her powers. Whenever she would lose control, Terra would be there to force her down, and calm her down. It was part of why the two of them became such close friends, as Terra was the only person that could - or would - help Vera.

    There was one instance where a group of younger kids began to tease Vera because of her severe lack of control. Terra was away, settling a border dispute with another gang, and didn't realize what was going on. Vera became more and more angry, before finally, she lost control, and unleashed her spectral wolf upon them. She sent three kids to the emergency room, and four to the doctor's office to be bandaged and stitched up. Feeling a great sense of guilt, Vera decided to leave the gang, so she wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else. Terra caught these trains of thought, and having heard just a few days prior of a place in New York where mutants were welcome, accepted, and trained to control their powers, she made the executive decision of leaving the gang with Vera, and the two of them starting a cross-country roadtrip, never to return to Los Angeles.

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    Name: Vera Danielle Valentine
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Power(s): Illusions, and ability to create spectral wolves, heightened senses, masters technology easily
    Weakness: wolves are able to be controlled by telepath’s and used against her
    Codename: none yet
    Affiliation: Lone Mutant
    Personality: Vera is short tempered and because of her lack of control she tends to keep to herself. She is a deep thinker, smart, and a technology geek. She hides most of her emotions and feelings behind a hard shell that no one has been able to crack.
    Appearance: Welcome to Mutant High: OOC 4c0e973 All that I can add is that she is 5’7” and her spectral wolves are a deep purple.
    Portrayed by: Can’t think of anyone, open to suggestions
    History: Vera’s parents died when she was a baby, as a result she was sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle in San Fernardo. They always treated her with fear and aggression and she hated her life there. When she turned 10 her Aunt saw first hand how strong Vera was, when they got into a fight Vera created a spectral wolf for the first time. Her Aunt had to be rushed to the emergency room and Vera was sent to an adoption agency.
    After many foster families and many more accidents she was found to be a danger and they sent SHIELD for her. Vera managed to run away and flee to LA staying out of sight as much as possible. Once she made it safely to the city she met a group of punks that took her in. They thought her wolf thing was cool and would constantly bug her to use it. But she never would out of fear.
    During a fight with another gang Vera discovered she could also create illusions, it was the first time she had ever used her powers to do something good as she frightened the other group away, but she still refused to acknowledge her powers and her heightened senses. When Terra showed up Vera was glad that another mutant had entered their small group. Hoping that the attention would be drawn off her and she was right as Terra changed their entire livelihood.
    Vera soon became friends with Terra. Terra was the only one that could prevent her from snapping and if she did snap Terra could force her to calm down. It kept Vera from harming anyone. But Terra couldn’t always be there.
    One such time when Terra was away a group of younger kids began to tease Vera because of her severe lack of control. Without Terra she knew she could easily kill them if she lost it, she warned the kids not to anger her but they wouldn't listen. Vera became more and more angry, before finally, she lost control, and unleashed her spectral wolf upon them. She sent three kids to the emergency room, and four to the doctor's office to be bandaged and stitched up. Feeling a great sense of guilt, Vera decided to leave the gang, so she wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else. Depressed and confused Vera made her way to a train station, where Terra caught up to her and stopped her, telling her that she would be going to.

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